Sorry we’ve been MIA lately. We’ve been REAL busy with school and we haven’t shopped together since probably November? Crazy! Anyways, I (Jireh) went shopping by my lone self yesterday in preparation for two very important dates! It’s a good thing I tried all products today so I could give y’all a nice review 🙂

I’ve been interested in lip/cheek stains for a while now so I decided to try this one by Josie Maran. It’s in WALTZ which is a berry color, but as we all have different lip shades, it may appear darker or even brighter depending on how many layers you apply. I just realized this makes me look like I’ve been drinking Kool-Aid for 3 hours straight. BUT NONETHELESS, it’s a REALLY GREAT product. It lasts for a really long time, so that $19 was well-spent. Also, always have the pen upside-down so the tip doesn’t dry out/take forever for the stain to flow towards the end!

Via introduced me to this product last weekend and told me to buy it. It goes for around $18, which is reasonable. Basically you apply on your eyelids before you add any eyeshadow/eyeliner. It’s an awesome product. My eyeliner hasn’t smudged at all and it is still opaque!

It comes out in small amounts so it’s very low-maintenance and definitely easy to clean up.

This is the Sephora retractable blush brush which costs around $22! Check it out in action (click photo below!)!!!

It’s great for travelling!

And the actual brush is pretty soft!

I’ve been dying to buy my first NARS product and here it is.

NARS blush in Orgasm!!! I’ve read so many reviews about this being real nice and natural. I’ve already got a bit of redness in my skin, so I needed something that wasn’t too pigmented or dark in shade.

So very pretty! 🙂 Anyways, that is all for now. Via has a fever so let’s hope she’s well soon!!! We really hope to have another worthy post soon!



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