Recently, a Stussy shop opened in our humble abode of Guam. I got word from one of my good friends, Lauren, through a picture sent on whatsapp! The woodgrain floors caught my attention, as well as the minimal set up of apparel and framed artworks. Take a look!

For the past few years, Stussy has been worn by many of Guam’s youth. It has become a very popular brand and thanks to Shawn Stussy, Guam finally has a taste of the Stussy legacy – aesthetically appealing to those of different lifestyles on the island. Here are some amazing shots from the Spring 2011 line.

Jireh’s favourite photo

Sweet photographs by Jordan Hardy!

It is definitely no surprise to see one of our good friends, Victoria, modeling for Stussy Guam. She is the epitome of natural beauty–a true island girl. Guam is stepping up their game! Who would have ever thought? Seeing these fresh Spring looks just made us a little bit more excited to go home, chill and sip our Assam Black Tea (Assam Milk Tea for Jireh) by the beach, just as Victoria is in the photo above!


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