I arrived in Guam Thursday morning and was dead tired. However, I did meet up with some of my great friends, Dolores and Mary, to watch Pirates of the Caribbean 3. It was alright, but I was glad to reunite with the girls. Mary leaves for Hawaii today and I hope she has a good flight and a good time in Oahu!

Today, I spent the whole afternoon/night with one of my best friends, Lauren. Picked her up and jetted to Sushi Rock for some awesome sushi of course!

Cutie! She’s taking SATs tomorrow morning, so I wish her the best of luck! Will also miss her again since she will be leaving for summer vacation in California on the 8th. Womp.

Lauren’s White Dragon rolls.

I ordered the Ypao roll. It is official, definitely my favourite roll ever. Combines my favourite types of food: shrimp tempura, avocado, unagi (eel), and raw tuna!

Topped with salmon eggs and drizzled in teriyaki sauce. Mmm…

After Sushi Rock, we watched X-MEN: First Class and it was absolutely fantastic. The whole cast was great and the story had me on the edge of my seat. Mixture of humor, drama, lots of action, and definitely tons of surprises.

Strolled around the mall and then decided to take a stroll down Tumon!

View from the roof of Underwater World or The Point, haha. Went around DNA, Kicks/HI, Stussy, Marc Jacobs, and Sugar Nails. Then we drove across to look around DFS.

Decided to get some drinks at Cup and Saucer inside of Bestseller. Another friend of ours, Jose, joined us as well. Talked and laughed for an hour. Jordan Hardy and Ryan Shook of Matala stopped by, too! Then we all split. We have plans to tie-dye some shirts on Monday, so hopefully that pulls through! Had an extremely great and chill day, so now I’m out!



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