Here are some photos of my family’s trip to Baguio while in the Philippines!

My nieces: Isa in the back and little Gabby in the front at the Filling Station inside Camp John Hay.

fish and chips and curly fries

The Ultimate Cheeseburger was not very ultimate. I don’t have a liking for us Filipinos’ habit of making everything taste sweet, heh.

WE UP IN THE WOODS. My nephew Jared Leto as in yes, he is named after the actor/singer.

At SM Baguio’s Shakey’s.

Before we drove back to Pangasinan, we stopped by a fruit and vegetable stand(s). My aunt picking out avocados!

I have no idea what those are called but I hear they’re pretty sour!

Miss ya, Ma! Let us also take note of the AA hoodie. Paired with that Chanel logo necklace! 😉

I love peanut brittle. I could finish a whole jar in one day.

Gabby looking at different flavoured pastillas, also one of my favourites!


The fog after the rain.

Fried fish known as pingka.

I arrived back in California last Thursday. Sleeping schedule isn’t cool, but I moved to a different house with a good-looking room. I have about two weeks of summer left! School starts and that only means fall and winter are just days away!


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