Via and I were finally able to complete our trip up to Los Angeles the second weekend of September! Here is Part 1 of our first full day in the big city.

We had brunch at Lemonade in Beverly.

I (Jireh) ordered the Mac-n-Cheese soup with a Peach Ginger lemonade! Al dente elbow pasta in a very rich and creamy sauce. I’m not a big fan of lemonade in general, but when I read Peach Ginger, I thought it’d be a little less sour but I was a bit disappointed. Overall, I’d say it’s a cute place!

I (Via) got the Chicken Chili soup, and I really liked how it was still full of flavor even if it didn’t contain any beans. I also had the Blueberry Mint lemonade to wash down the chili–a bit too sweet, but very refreshing especially because the heat was intense that day.  When it comes to food, I am easy to please, so I was happy with my brunch altogether.


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