Later that day, we drove back to downtown LA to meet up with our friends Jackie and Kiana at the famous Bottega Louie’s for a mid-afternoon snack!

L-R: Pistachio, Classic, Vanilla, Earl Grey, Pumpkin
I’ve tried macaroons back home at a pastries convention and they were made by our friend’s pastry chef father (who is French!) and they were delicious. I was excited to reunite with a few of these colourful gems, and I felt right back in heaven. My personal favourite is Pistachio and Earl Grey comes in second with its pretty golden specks!

Via bought a bigger box to bring home for Kitty!

We also spotted Olivia Lo of Lust for Life!

Olivia, Via’s your number one fan!

After Bottega, we had dinner at Chipotle and all headed to The Grove for some window shopping! Along the way, however, we were stopped by this man who wanted a picture with us….

You’re Welcome, dude! We ended the night by hanging around Jackie’s beautiful apartment in downtown, and then drove back to Westwood to sleep.

It was a great and eventful first full day in LA!



  1. nicole.b

    there’s awesome place in beverly hills called, “lette macarons.” the macarons are pretty awesome as well (: but, i think i will try some bottega louie now!

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