I went over to the Mitsuwa Marketplace in San Diego with my family last night and though it was my first time there, I was hit with nostalgia. I’ve always been interested in Japanese culture since I was a little kid on Guam. From geographic location, historical events (i.e. World War II), and the importance of tourism for the island’s economy, a Guamanian is easily exposed to the great East Asian culture from topics such as food and art.

I was happy to see the Sanseido Bookstore full of fashion magazines! I stumbled upon this men’s street style and skateboarding magazine called Ollie. You may have heard about it last March when they featured the Spring/Summer 2011 Lookbook for Supreme where Tyler, the Creator, Alex Olson, and Kevin “Spanky” Long modeled for the brand.

I honestly regret dropping 10 bones for the magazine. It was thick and included a comic book inside. Though it is not written in English, it really is a gem for visual inspiration! Here are some scans of the November 2011 issue.

Really into this model!

Awesome to see only a few of the greatest skateboarders out there – John Cardiel and my favourite Brian Anderson!

A snippet of the comic – Tokyo Tribe. If you have an Asian market around your area, I suggest you’d pick an issue up! Or you can head on over to jmagazinescans and download a few older issues and other Japanese magazines!

Speaking of skateboarding, anyone else excited for the Girl & Chocolate video?

How about King of the Road 2011?


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