Ear Candy

After my birthday, I decided to pierce my ear after waiting for so long. I thought about it for a while and knowing my indecisive self, I finally mustered up the courage to do so! Here is my beloved helix 🙂

Though not even after a week of having this piercing, it got infected. I had to baby it and change my cleaning routine (Sea Salt Soaks are heaven-sent). After a week of care, it has gone down to its normal size! And after my helix heals, I plan on getting a few other piercings as well. The only thing I regret about getting this piercing is that I got it at Claire’s when I should have gotten it at a professional piercing studio!

I definitely want to get a second pair of piercings on my lobes, a double helix, and a rook on my right (if my ear can hold it!).

Click-through images for source. If you know where these photos are actually from, please leave a comment below so I can fix it!


One comment

  1. pearlessence

    Ah, it was barely a year ago that I mustered up my nerves to get more piercings right before my birthday. 🙂 I’d always wanted a helix piercing – it still gets infected periodically, especially if I sleep on it. I got a couple more on a whim, too haha, and my mother flipped xD I’m pretty satisfied with my piercings now, though, and I wouldn’t want cartilage piercings on both ears or I won’t be able to sleep on either side 😦

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