Room Portraits

German photographer, Menno Aden, started a unique series called “Room Portraits”. And yes, his series does reflect its title but presents it through a different perspective – a bird’s eye. Attaching a camera on ceilings of a variety of spaces, Aden’s use of “surveillance” abstracts these rooms.

Untitled (Basement Garage III), 2011

Untitled (Classroom)

Untitled (Lounge)

Untitled (Corner Shop II)

Untitled (Shoe Shop)

Untitled (G.S. II)

Untitled (Kitchen I)

Untitled (M.O.)

There are a few things I like about this series. We take a look into someone’s personal space as a two-dimensional plane filled with geometric objects. You are able to point out the shape, size, and structure of the room. I enjoy the exaggerated depth found in rooms with high ceilings as well. Most importantly, you are aware of the type of person’s lifestyle in a different light.

Check out more from his series here.


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