Bip’s Lips

Earlier today, my cousin asked me to straighten her hair as she prepared for a little party tonight. We talked about makeup, hair, fashion, etc and she told me I should look into beauty school on the side. It’s something I’ve looked into for quite a while, so who knows!

After doing her hair, I went on YouTube and saw that my favourite makeup bloggers, Lisa Eldridge (SUCH AN AMAZING MAKE-UP ARTIST), uploaded a new tutorial with none other than Bip Ling! Bipasha is a beautiful half Indian, half English blogger and DJ out of London and she is definitely one of my favourite people on the Internet. Her blog is not your average “fashionista blog” – and that’s a straight fact. See for yourself. I always have a smile and a few laughs whenever I visit Bip’s page. It’s such a fun site!

Here is the video tutorial for a “bright lashes and lips” look. What I enjoyed about this tutorial is the use of colored mascara and a bright lip. Some may think that’s a little too much for a face, but Lisa has the creative mind to make anything work. She also applied Mac’s face gloss which is the first time I’ve seen any makeup blogger put to use and it definitely brings a nice shine to Bip’s face!


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