Ryan Chan is a newly discovered photographer of mine and is now considered one of my favourites. Ryan moved from New York to Tokyo in 2006 and he graduated from the Tokyo Design Gakuin College in 2009. Last year, he published two photo books – “Mad Tokyo” and “YOUTH”, both successfully receiving the JAPAN ADVERTISING PHOTOGRAPHERS’ ASSOCIATION AWARD 2012 (APA AWARD 2012). He has also been featured in numerous exhibitions and his work appeared in publications such as ViVi magazine and GQ Japan.

I guess what really attracted me to Ryan’s photos is the distinct focus on the subject. You can never go wrong with photographing people, but what I like about the way Ryan photographs them is that the subjects fill up the space. You are up close and personal with these strangers, but you feel as if you’ve known them for a long time. It is a nice overwhelming feeling!

Ryan’s trip to India and his encounter with the locals.


Headshots of Tokyo’s Youth.

Ryan’s portrayal of Japanese “freedom” – the ability for the people to be who they are and to be doing things they enjoy in public. All photos were taken with a Leica M8.

Leslie Kee is a good friend of Ryan’s and is also an accomplished photographer. He even shot Beyonce!


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