Let’s face it – Korean music is making a strong impression on the west-side of the world today. I’ve always been open to global music whether it be French, Brazilian, or Filipino but Korean music has always been a closeted favourite of mine for almost 5 years. I remember some of my middle school friends mentioning names such as Big Bang so I, along with my sister, decided to look them up and give them a listen. We were hooked right off the bat!

Today, G-Dragon of BB released his new music video for “One of A Kind” as a solo artist. And all I can say is, “WOW, WHAT THE F**K!??!?!” I was a bit overwhelmed at first but after a few watches, I grew to love it. The little kids, the black and white concept, all the Chrome Hearts, the Chanel tennis getup (my favourite), custom Vans Old Skools, dreadhead Youngbae in Givenchy and Rick Owens (reminded me of their old BB days), my girl LYDIA PAEK, GD dancing his butt off… I mean the animal concept was a bit bizarre and his yellow spaghetti hair wasn’t really working for me, but hey it’s G-Dragon! He can do all that and more. He is probably one of the most hard-working, talented, “G”‘d out, coolest persons in the world right now and he’s definitely one of my icons. He really is “one of a kind”!


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