Three Cheers for Three Stripes

If any of you follow me (Jireh) on my personal Tumblr then you’ll know about a side blog that I’ve been running called shortiesinadidas. It started out as a fun collective featuring cool gals wearing Adidas in a new light for style inspiration!

A few weeks ago, I recommended the site on Highsnobiety just for fun. The other day I saw it receive an influx of followers only to find out HS featured it under their 5 Tumblrs We’re Enjoying This Week: Reader Edition! The site was also featured on Oyster Mag‘s Tumblr of the Week and adidas Originals Tumblr team showed some love, too! I know it’s not some of my personal work or even this blog per se, but it feels kinda cool to be behind something that others find pleasing *insert smiley face here*.

Generally, these past few days have been great. The weather’s been getting cold and I just finished one of my classes this semester! I’m sending all the readers positive vibes for this weekend!


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