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According to White

Exactly a week ago, I started the award-winning series Breaking Bad. I don’t know why I didn’t get around to watching it when it first aired, but man, it’s a quality show. One of the main characters is Walter White who is a high school Chemistry teacher fighting lung cancer. And in the duration of his terminating life, he partners up with an old student of his – Jesse Pinkman (played by the great Aaron Paul) – to cook and deal the best meth you will ever taste just to support his family.

Besides talking about the awesomeness that is this show, I’d like to point out Walter White’s choice of shoes – Clark’s very own Wallabee.

I’ve always liked Wallabees but after watching the first episode I think I’ve got the thumbs up from Mr. White. I dug up some images from the web of girls wearing a pair of Wallies!


According to White
They’re so cute!! Hoping to have the Beeswax or maybe BTs or even the Desert Weaver in Black for Christmas!
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Idle 86 degree Saturday afternoon stirring up my hunger for the following:

Comme des Garçons Play Knitted Stripe Crew Neck, terrariums, Karen Walker sunglasses, classic Adidas shorts, Casio watch, Moleskine 2012-2013 planner, Life of Pi by Yann Martel, NARS Monoi Body Glow, Tonkin lipstick, and illuminator in Super Orgasm.

Bip’s Lips

Earlier today, my cousin asked me to straighten her hair as she prepared for a little party tonight. We talked about makeup, hair, fashion, etc and she told me I should look into beauty school on the side. It’s something I’ve looked into for quite a while, so who knows!

After doing her hair, I went on YouTube and saw that my favourite makeup bloggers, Lisa Eldridge (SUCH AN AMAZING MAKE-UP ARTIST), uploaded a new tutorial with none other than Bip Ling! Bipasha is a beautiful half Indian, half English blogger and DJ out of London and she is definitely one of my favourite people on the Internet. Her blog is not your average “fashionista blog” – and that’s a straight fact. See for yourself. I always have a smile and a few laughs whenever I visit Bip’s page. It’s such a fun site!

Here is the video tutorial for a “bright lashes and lips” look. What I enjoyed about this tutorial is the use of colored mascara and a bright lip. Some may think that’s a little too much for a face, but Lisa has the creative mind to make anything work. She also applied Mac’s face gloss which is the first time I’ve seen any makeup blogger put to use and it definitely brings a nice shine to Bip’s face!

Killing Me Softly

I’ve always had Yellow Fever, but lately I’ve reached the point beyond boiling point. Sen Mitsuji and Sang Woo Do are my favourite Asian male models and I’ve got another to add to that list. Min Ho Shon is a South Korean male model whom I’ve discovered yesterday. He’s got a strikingly soft face and tattoos on his left arm. He’s under Grant Agency and has been featured in GQ Korea, Esquire, and appeared in Monoros’ A/W 2012-2013 Lookbook. 



I really like this haircut on him. Suits him well.


Super obsessed with this photograph.



2012 JUNE GQ



Spring It On

A few things I will be sporting this Spring and Summer.

Hennes and Maurtiz pants – I love these pants; though the cut looks a little wonky on me since I’m tiny (5’3″); I may get them tailored this summer. A statement piece that could easily be used to dress up or down for the day. Check out how I’d style these in an old post!

Smashbox Fuschia Flash Matte lipstick – SUPER BRIGHT! I was afraid to actually wear this out (ha ha), but I wore it to school twice and my classmates complimented me on it! Fuschia Flash with a clean, fresh face and fixed eyebrows would make a good look!

MAC Satin Blush in Fleur Power – A very nice pink blush for the season. Reviews say that this goes on well for every skin tone, but I think it is extremely flattering for tanned skin. It might be intimidating when you first apply, but blending is key. I’d say you could wear this on a clean face, mascara on lashes, and a simple eyeliner.

Ear Candy

After my birthday, I decided to pierce my ear after waiting for so long. I thought about it for a while and knowing my indecisive self, I finally mustered up the courage to do so! Here is my beloved helix 🙂

Though not even after a week of having this piercing, it got infected. I had to baby it and change my cleaning routine (Sea Salt Soaks are heaven-sent). After a week of care, it has gone down to its normal size! And after my helix heals, I plan on getting a few other piercings as well. The only thing I regret about getting this piercing is that I got it at Claire’s when I should have gotten it at a professional piercing studio!

I definitely want to get a second pair of piercings on my lobes, a double helix, and a rook on my right (if my ear can hold it!).

Click-through images for source. If you know where these photos are actually from, please leave a comment below so I can fix it!