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GAX V: Guam 2044

Exactly a month ago, the Guam Art Exhibit opened its fifth installment at the GAX Gallery Space with a more futuristic theme to close the end of the year. I asked my cousin, Gino, to check it out with a few of his friends and report back his sights and overall thoughts about the exhibit.


There were an abundant of artists who participated in this installment (about 53) and all artists showed off their styles through various art forms including street and graffiti art, surfing photography, “weird” sculptures, glass arts, and oversized acrylic paintings to name a few.







167434_536605649685811_125109092_n (1)

A few nights were reserved for special activities. Sex Karate, High Rise, and SGAL performed live, writers participated in a poetry slam and artists sat in for live paintings.








Visitors had the opportunity to leave their marks on a white SCION.


GAX is a great ongoing project for people on Guam to explore the realm of arts. It’s also an excellent way for people across the globe to know that we’re not limited to paintings of flowers or photographing pretty sunsets (among other things you may find typical under “island art”). I’m proud to say that contemporary art is quickly making a strong (and hopefully long-lasting) appearance on the island and I can’t wait to see what all these artists have in store for the next installments.

All photos courtesy of Sebastian Caliguia 




After being locked up at home aka having no car, I finally went out and got a good dose of happiness! I spent the whole afternoon with Marco, a very close friend of mine. We had lunch at AjiSen Ramen – a little Japanese restaurant in Tamuning. I had the Karaage Curry Ramen and man, it was really good


We drove to Westin to check up on our other friend Nathan. He took us up to the top floor and we hung out inside the Presidential Suite (wow!). It was nice having the trio together for a bit. Laughs everywhere, man!

Helped Marco picked out his very first pair of Janoskis at Kicks/HI. Then we sauntered over to Stussy Guam and I bought this Tiger Camo S-Carabiner!


Tumon Tourist life


Ended the day with Mt. Lam Lam! A must to get the Shave Ice Surprise – Two/Three syrup flavours with Vanilla ice cream inside! I got Peach and Blue Raspberry syrup on mine.

Also, here is a new track from Little Dragon. A good summer tune!

Home Sweet Home

Hello, everyone! I just arrived from Manila this morning and am back on Guam for the summer. I’m very excited to see my family and close friends. My week in the Philippines was very relaxing, but I was eager to fly home quick. I took a little nap this morning and then ran some errands with my mom. We, along with my sister, had dinner at one of my favourite restaurants – Capricciosa!

One of my favourite dishes – their classic lasagna. Gooey goodness~


Anyways, I hope you all are enjoying your first weeks of summer. If not, I wish you the best of luck during your final weeks of school!


I went over to the Mitsuwa Marketplace in San Diego with my family last night and though it was my first time there, I was hit with nostalgia. I’ve always been interested in Japanese culture since I was a little kid on Guam. From geographic location, historical events (i.e. World War II), and the importance of tourism for the island’s economy, a Guamanian is easily exposed to the great East Asian culture from topics such as food and art.

I was happy to see the Sanseido Bookstore full of fashion magazines! I stumbled upon this men’s street style and skateboarding magazine called Ollie. You may have heard about it last March when they featured the Spring/Summer 2011 Lookbook for Supreme where Tyler, the Creator, Alex Olson, and Kevin “Spanky” Long modeled for the brand.

I honestly regret dropping 10 bones for the magazine. It was thick and included a comic book inside. Though it is not written in English, it really is a gem for visual inspiration! Here are some scans of the November 2011 issue.

Really into this model!

Awesome to see only a few of the greatest skateboarders out there – John Cardiel and my favourite Brian Anderson!

A snippet of the comic – Tokyo Tribe. If you have an Asian market around your area, I suggest you’d pick an issue up! Or you can head on over to jmagazinescans and download a few older issues and other Japanese magazines!

Speaking of skateboarding, anyone else excited for the Girl & Chocolate video?

How about King of the Road 2011?


Last week, I met up with my friend Gabby to take pictures with her because she wanted to send some photos to her relatives in the states.

We met up at Two Lovers Point.

To make the long story short, there lived a beautiful Chamorro-Spanish girl and one day her father arranged for her to marry a Spanish Captain. She was so angry that she ran from Hagatna to Tumon (this is actually pretty far, unless she took a shortcut). While on the shore, she met  a young Chamorro warrior and they fell in love. When her father heard about the two, he sent an army to look for them. The girl found her lover again and ran to a high point along the shore. As her father, the captain, and the soldiers were approaching the couple, they both stopped to look at each other for one last time. The lovers tied their long black hair into a single knot and jumped off the cliff.



Overlooking Tumon


Babby at Outrigger



I had an impromptu hangout with Lauren today since we couldn’t plan a Tie-Dye Day. We went to Infusion, a cafe located in Upper Tumon and here are our orders.

Lauren ordered the Joshua crepe filled with eggplant, zucchini, mushrooms, feta and mozzarella cheese.

I ordered the Alina crepe. Spinach with tons of cheeses such as ricotta and mozzarella. If you like pizza, this is the crepe for you!

For dessert, I got the Meet Your Matcha cupcake and it was pretty good. To be honest, the place is a little bit pricey but you definitely get a bang for you buck.

Then, Lauren and I went down to Tumon again.

 Sneakily shot a blurry photo of myself trying out Cadence and HUF Five Panel caps.

Pretty impressed with all the new gear KICKS/Hi has imported such as Herschel backpacks and some New Balance 574’s.

June 6 is also International Slayer Day! Hope y’all are rocking out \m/

We walked to other other side and walked along the beach!

Low tide

Weather has been crappy lately.

Then we got some drinks at Cup and Saucer and Froots. I needed an alternative for Jamba Juice’s Mango-A-Go-Go and I got the Island Nectar. Pretty close!

Dropped her home and my family and I went to Submarina. Excellent subs and I got to see one of my friends, Steve, who works there!

I’ll end this post with something that happened this morning. So I woke up at around 830 am and decided to longboard in front of my house. Only 3 minutes in and I lost my balance and scraped my knee. It’s not that gnarly; come to think of it, it’s pretty embarrassing, but it does look sick (in a good and bad way)!


I arrived in Guam Thursday morning and was dead tired. However, I did meet up with some of my great friends, Dolores and Mary, to watch Pirates of the Caribbean 3. It was alright, but I was glad to reunite with the girls. Mary leaves for Hawaii today and I hope she has a good flight and a good time in Oahu!

Today, I spent the whole afternoon/night with one of my best friends, Lauren. Picked her up and jetted to Sushi Rock for some awesome sushi of course!

Cutie! She’s taking SATs tomorrow morning, so I wish her the best of luck! Will also miss her again since she will be leaving for summer vacation in California on the 8th. Womp.

Lauren’s White Dragon rolls.

I ordered the Ypao roll. It is official, definitely my favourite roll ever. Combines my favourite types of food: shrimp tempura, avocado, unagi (eel), and raw tuna!

Topped with salmon eggs and drizzled in teriyaki sauce. Mmm…

After Sushi Rock, we watched X-MEN: First Class and it was absolutely fantastic. The whole cast was great and the story had me on the edge of my seat. Mixture of humor, drama, lots of action, and definitely tons of surprises.

Strolled around the mall and then decided to take a stroll down Tumon!

View from the roof of Underwater World or The Point, haha. Went around DNA, Kicks/HI, Stussy, Marc Jacobs, and Sugar Nails. Then we drove across to look around DFS.

Decided to get some drinks at Cup and Saucer inside of Bestseller. Another friend of ours, Jose, joined us as well. Talked and laughed for an hour. Jordan Hardy and Ryan Shook of Matala stopped by, too! Then we all split. We have plans to tie-dye some shirts on Monday, so hopefully that pulls through! Had an extremely great and chill day, so now I’m out!