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I watched a great video last week…

Baker Skateboards premiered their new skate video Bake and Destroy around mid October at the Vice Theater in Hollywood and apparently caused a riot in the streets. B&D has been an anticipated project for a while now and after watching it, I can see why people would get riled over the situation!!!!

It really is a crazy video! I think everyone had a great part including Riley, Bryan, Figgy, and I think Reynolds is just a cool skater to watch. Someone uploaded it on YouTube but go out and grab this month’s Thrasher issue and receive a FREE copy of the DVD. It’s packed with some cool features, too!


Via with Michael Heizer’s Levitated Mass in the background

Chris Burden’s Metropolis II

Bruce Nauman’s For Beginners

Ed Ruscha’s Spam (Of course us Guam girls had to see this!)

Me exploring Jesus Rafael Soto’s Penetrable installation

Very cool packaging!

Overall, Via and I had a very enjoyable time in Los Angles! We met up with old and new friends and ate some delicious food at Huckleberry, Sushi Stop, Sprinkles Ice Cream, Diddy Riese, and Tea Lane. We also had the opportunity to stop by the OHWOW Gallery and view artist Lucien Smith’s “Seven Rain Paintings” exhibit. You can view some photos over here (there’s a photo in which we’re in it, ha!). Though professional skateboarders and the fashionable attended, the atmosphere was very cool and relaxed; people’s appreciation for Lucien’s pieces made it an awesome event.

We would like to thank our friend Lia who was able to tag along and make our trip even more memorable! We would also like to thank our friends Steffi and Tiffi who allowed us to stay at their place during our trip!


Let’s face it – Korean music is making a strong impression on the west-side of the world today. I’ve always been open to global music whether it be French, Brazilian, or Filipino but Korean music has always been a closeted favourite of mine for almost 5 years. I remember some of my middle school friends mentioning names such as Big Bang so I, along with my sister, decided to look them up and give them a listen. We were hooked right off the bat!

Today, G-Dragon of BB released his new music video for “One of A Kind” as a solo artist. And all I can say is, “WOW, WHAT THE F**K!??!?!” I was a bit overwhelmed at first but after a few watches, I grew to love it. The little kids, the black and white concept, all the Chrome Hearts, the Chanel tennis getup (my favourite), custom Vans Old Skools, dreadhead Youngbae in Givenchy and Rick Owens (reminded me of their old BB days), my girl LYDIA PAEK, GD dancing his butt off… I mean the animal concept was a bit bizarre and his yellow spaghetti hair wasn’t really working for me, but hey it’s G-Dragon! He can do all that and more. He is probably one of the most hard-working, talented, “G”‘d out, coolest persons in the world right now and he’s definitely one of my icons. He really is “one of a kind”!



After being locked up at home aka having no car, I finally went out and got a good dose of happiness! I spent the whole afternoon with Marco, a very close friend of mine. We had lunch at AjiSen Ramen – a little Japanese restaurant in Tamuning. I had the Karaage Curry Ramen and man, it was really good


We drove to Westin to check up on our other friend Nathan. He took us up to the top floor and we hung out inside the Presidential Suite (wow!). It was nice having the trio together for a bit. Laughs everywhere, man!

Helped Marco picked out his very first pair of Janoskis at Kicks/HI. Then we sauntered over to Stussy Guam and I bought this Tiger Camo S-Carabiner!


Tumon Tourist life


Ended the day with Mt. Lam Lam! A must to get the Shave Ice Surprise – Two/Three syrup flavours with Vanilla ice cream inside! I got Peach and Blue Raspberry syrup on mine.

Also, here is a new track from Little Dragon. A good summer tune!

BLOG ON THE MAP — The Skartorialist

No one can deny the pleasant mix between skateboarding and style. Sam Ashley, who happens to be one of my favourite photographers, has an eye for this particular blend. A month ago, he created The Skartorialist to document the unique personal styles of skateboarders across Europe. Though only three posts in, one can tell his eagerness of sharing athletes’ take on fabrics, patterns, color coordination, and cuts.

Rory Milanes of Malmo

Vaughan Baker of Dalston

Sylvain Tognelli of Berlin

All images courtesy of The Skartorialist