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I watched a great video last week…

Baker Skateboards premiered their new skate video Bake and Destroy around mid October at the Vice Theater in Hollywood and apparently caused a riot in the streets. B&D has been an anticipated project for a while now and after watching it, I can see why people would get riled over the situation!!!!

It really is a crazy video! I think everyone had a great part including Riley, Bryan, Figgy, and I think Reynolds is just a cool skater to watch. Someone uploaded it on YouTube but go out and grab this month’s Thrasher issue and receive a FREE copy of the DVD. It’s packed with some cool features, too!



NEW MUSIC VIDEO *** Joey Bada$$ for “Fromdatomb$” featuring Chuck Strangers. Gritty 80’s/90’s straight New York vibe!

Speaking of NY, my condolences to those who have lost loved ones during Hurricane Sandy. And to those who endured it, stay strong!

Second Time Around

Around this time last year, KICKS/HI and Converse collaborated to produce a beautiful Tiger Camo Chuck Taylor All Star. I had the pleasure of seeing these beauts on my feet this summer when I was back home.

At first I didn’t think they were for “me”, but having tried them on, I already knew what the hype was about. Unfortunately, I didn’t purchase them and I sort of regret that decision. But lo and behold, the brands are back at it again this winter with the Tiger Camo II – a pair in the same pattern but in a solid gray and black. You’d be crazy if you didn’t want these in your closet!

Shoes have really been on my mind lately! These will be available on November 10th at both KICKS/HI locations (Honolulu and Guam) and St. Alfred‘s in Chicago. Only 600 pairs will be sold – so grab a pair quick! Who knows, maybe you’ll find yourself singing this Lil Ugly Mane song while wearing them?

good & gorgeous

Over the past few days, I’ve got two new albums on repeat. Kendrick Lamar’good kid, m.A.A.d city tells the story of Kendrick and his beloved hometown Compton. The album has the old 90’s/early 2000’s vibe but the collection of voicemails from his parents about Domino’s Pizza to conversations he has with his friends make this album something most people can relate to. Even the prayer recital kind of hit home for me since I’ve gone to Catholic school, haha!

My favourite songs include “Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe”, “Money Trees”, “Poetic Justice” featuring Drake, “Sing About Me, I’m Dying of Thirst”, and “The Recipe” which is included in the deluxe edition. The album is now available on Spotify!

Face Vega and Gila Monsta are two friends who make up Gorgeous Children. I’m really bad at describing music genres but I guess if I had to put these guys in a category it would probably be….Rap Noir? Is that even real? I don’t know, a mixture of dark and trill music is something new to me but I am enjoying it. “Secret Indicments” is a song I’ve got on repeat. You can purchase their self-titled album through their bandcamp.

According to White

Exactly a week ago, I started the award-winning series Breaking Bad. I don’t know why I didn’t get around to watching it when it first aired, but man, it’s a quality show. One of the main characters is Walter White who is a high school Chemistry teacher fighting lung cancer. And in the duration of his terminating life, he partners up with an old student of his – Jesse Pinkman (played by the great Aaron Paul) – to cook and deal the best meth you will ever taste just to support his family.

Besides talking about the awesomeness that is this show, I’d like to point out Walter White’s choice of shoes – Clark’s very own Wallabee.

I’ve always liked Wallabees but after watching the first episode I think I’ve got the thumbs up from Mr. White. I dug up some images from the web of girls wearing a pair of Wallies!


According to White
They’re so cute!! Hoping to have the Beeswax or maybe BTs or even the Desert Weaver in Black for Christmas!
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Leata is a South Korean based brand whose philosophy begins in redesigning uniforms found in military, sports, and work wear to fit a contemporary and modern society.

Here is a handful of great photos (shot by Taejoon Kim) for their F/W 2012 Collection called “Lose Control”.


batch of tunes



Here’s what I’ve been listening to for the past three weeks: Lush’s Split, Beenzino’s 24:26, Breakbot’s By Your Side, and Miguel’s Kaleidoscope Dream (and his first album All I Want is You). All very good albums.

What have you guys been listening to lately? Any upcoming albums you’re looking forward to?