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I’m taking a typography class taught by a very cool teacher who suggested that we visit some art museums and local galleries in the area. So a friend and I went to some spaces in La Jolla last Friday.

sdmocadiptychPleasure Point by Nancy Rubins / Untitled by Mauro Staccioli
San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art, La Jolla

Unfortunately, majority of the museum was closed because they were working on a new exhibit. But, we did take a walk through the sculpture garden and checked out the Photography in Mexico exhibit for free!



Going Out of Business by Mel Bochner

The Quint Contemporary Art is just a flew blocks away from the MOCA. The Troublesome Exhibit, which sadly ends tomorrow,  featured some cool pieces including two of Matthew Brandt’s works made entirely out of bubble-gum.
quint1Troublesome by Robert Barry / SpectroSonic – Red by Johannes Girardoni

Really enjoyed Girardoni’s piece which incorporates color, light, and sound.


Shadows by Marcos Ramirez Erre
After the gallery, we had a late lunch at IKEA and both ordered a salad, hazelnut chocolate, and swedish meatballs.

I also scored a $5 hamper!


Speaking of art and design, I visited SDSU for Tom Sachs‘ lecture about two weeks ago! Overall, it was a really insightful talk and it was great to know the reasons behind most of his grand projects, especially like that of the “Space Program”. He even wore the Nike Mars Yard shoes he designed!
EdwinHimself put together a post of 5 valuable quotes from that night. Check them out.


#22 Shulman













Visual Acoustics (dir. Eric Bricker) is a magnificent documentary about Julius Shulman – the man who pioneered Southern California’s Modernist Architecture with his photographs.

A man of wit and passion for the environment, he worked along side architects such as Frank Gehry (Disney Hall), Albert Frey (Frey House), and Richard Neutra (Kauffman Residence). Most of his photographs were taken in black and white  to emphasize the contrasting geometric patterns found in these modern homes. Some say his photographs, carefully taken with the concept of a “one-point perspective”, make these houses seem even more beautiful than they are in real life; that his prints actually sell these buildings in the market.

One of his famous photographs (seen above in the poster) is of the Stahl House – Case Study House #22 designed by Pierre Koenig in 1960. It sits atop the Hollywood Hills (known to be an unbuildable site) overlooking the city of Los Angeles.

 Shulman at work


den / kitchen
bedroom / pool & deck
(photos by julius shulman)

The Stahl House is a popular set for film and fashion shoots even to this day. It was used in movies such as Galaxy QuestPlaying By Heart, and The Big Lebowski as Jackie Treehorn’s home. It was also featured in the video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas as a safehouse!

If you’re interested in photography and architecture – heck, if you’re interested in art in general – I HIGHLY suggest you watch this documentary. Shulman is now a very big inspiration of mine. Sure he’s worked with big names in the architecture world, but in the end, he’s really an ordinary guy who is very passionate about what he does! And with that, I’m going to make it one of my life goals to visit at least one of the houses he has shot.

Julius and his garden

(click thru photos for source)

GAX V: Guam 2044

Exactly a month ago, the Guam Art Exhibit opened its fifth installment at the GAX Gallery Space with a more futuristic theme to close the end of the year. I asked my cousin, Gino, to check it out with a few of his friends and report back his sights and overall thoughts about the exhibit.


There were an abundant of artists who participated in this installment (about 53) and all artists showed off their styles through various art forms including street and graffiti art, surfing photography, “weird” sculptures, glass arts, and oversized acrylic paintings to name a few.







167434_536605649685811_125109092_n (1)

A few nights were reserved for special activities. Sex Karate, High Rise, and SGAL performed live, writers participated in a poetry slam and artists sat in for live paintings.








Visitors had the opportunity to leave their marks on a white SCION.


GAX is a great ongoing project for people on Guam to explore the realm of arts. It’s also an excellent way for people across the globe to know that we’re not limited to paintings of flowers or photographing pretty sunsets (among other things you may find typical under “island art”). I’m proud to say that contemporary art is quickly making a strong (and hopefully long-lasting) appearance on the island and I can’t wait to see what all these artists have in store for the next installments.

All photos courtesy of Sebastian Caliguia 

Kastrup Søbad

The other night, I watched a French film titled “Un amour de jeunesse” or “Goodbye First Love”. To make the long story short, it’s about 15 year old Camille who struggles to part ways with her older boyfriend Sullivan as he wants to travel and explore the world. She is devastated at first, but during his 8-year absence she becomes a mature woman with ambitions. Camille is studying to become an architect and in one scene, she goes to Copenhagen to visit the Kastrup Søbad or the Kastrup Sea Baths. I instantly fell in love with this structure. I think it’s so beautifully designed and the architects’ take on open air pools show great innovation.

It was constructed in 2004 and was designed by White arkitekter. The project includes the main building on water, the new beach and separate lavatories.

The circular shape gives the structure its form and purpose from wind protection to interior concentration. It is built out of Azobe wood which is known for its durability in salt water.

What’s most important about this project is that it really caters to the public. Free admission and open to the public at all times, it even has ramps for those who are less mobile and who want to take interest in seeing the building as a whole. There are also facilities for various activities whether it may be for exercise or for a peaceful dip.

The lighting emphasizes the design while giving it a dramatic effect!



ImageHello! My name is Lauren and I will be your Border correspondent today. I have known both Jireh and Via for a really long time and am completely honored to be The Border’s “lil intern.” I’ll be moving to California soon so hopefully you’ll all be seeing a lot more of me. 😉 I currently live in Guam so I was able to attend this year’s annual Guam Art Exhibit, more widely known as GAX. I have attended a few of the exhibits in the past, and I must agree with the year’s theme that it was indeed “Bigger and Better.” This year’s GAX took up the entire first floor of DNA Evolution as opposed to its former residence of meeting rooms and small clubs or scattered pieces around the building.

Here are a few shots that can be found on Instagram of the exhibit:


(Sources: @competidorbrand, @desbermudes, @francesj, @nikkicarr_, @danica_albert, @ziabc, @mattyvbamba, @mikameeks, @jaseinyoface, and @geebiscuit)

Within this little photo set above are shots from the different corners of GAX, including live art, stencils by Kayla Grover, a piece by Jeff Ejan, the Guam seal made out of cupcakes, and Jireh’s cousin, Gera Datuin! (and her new adorably fat baby)

Speaking of Jireh’s family… I also ran into Gera’s brother, Gino


Gino is standing in front of artworks by Nahono Tsuruga and Leslie Mafnas, enlarged below:


(Is it just me, or does this guy look like Joseph Gordon-Levitt?)


Here are some shots of Gera’s section, which you will enjoy if you, as she says, are “interested in unconventional paintings of nude women with psychedelic colors.”




Multiple artists were working on a large canvas throughout the night, including Ryan Shook of Matala, one of Guam’s most popular and successful local bands.




Ryan was working on drawing one of his good friends and bandmates, Jordan Hardy, who has been mentioned on The Border before! Ryan also had a personal section at GAX next to his dad, Jack Shook. Ryan is a teacher and he even included some of his students’ work!


Jordan was also featured in the exhibit, collaborating with Ashley Chua for Crystal Kids, which promotes “spreading good vibes and natural highs.”


(Source: spreadroots.com)


Visitors took part in signing a “guestbook.”


A few more shots of the exhibit, featuring artists Joshua Agerstrand, Novem Gimoto, and photographers Patrick Camacho, John Padilla, and Patrick Padilla:





^ This was my personal favorite!

More photos of the exhibit can be found on the GAX Official Facebook Page and in a post by one of the featured GAX artists, Nahono Tsuruga.

This year’s GAX was surely the best, and I can’t wait to see it evolve even more in the following years! Guam always has so much remarkable talent, and GAX is the best way to showcase their work to the entire island. Thanks for reading! I hope to be back very soon.

xx, Lauren the Intern

Another Space IV

Every year, Southwestern College holds a juried art show open to all students. For the past few weeks, I’ve been contemplating whether or not I should submit a few things knowing that there are so many talented people at my school. And the fact that someone was going to choose which artworks were going to be featured in the show was a bit discouraging. However, I mustered up the courage to submit three projects from my Design and Drawing classes. I found out on Tuesday that two of my collages were accepted!

Tonight was the Opening Ceremony over at Third Avenue and to my surprise, one of my collages was awarded First Place in the Design category! I haven’t felt this happy in a really long time and it feels so good. Congratulations to all those featured in the exhibit!