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closed encounters

I’m taking a typography class taught by a very cool teacher who suggested that we visit some art museums and local galleries in the area. So a friend and I went to some spaces in La Jolla last Friday.

sdmocadiptychPleasure Point by Nancy Rubins / Untitled by Mauro Staccioli
San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art, La Jolla

Unfortunately, majority of the museum was closed because they were working on a new exhibit. But, we did take a walk through the sculpture garden and checked out the Photography in Mexico exhibit for free!



Going Out of Business by Mel Bochner

The Quint Contemporary Art is just a flew blocks away from the MOCA. The Troublesome Exhibit, which sadly ends tomorrow,  featured some cool pieces including two of Matthew Brandt’s works made entirely out of bubble-gum.
quint1Troublesome by Robert Barry / SpectroSonic – Red by Johannes Girardoni

Really enjoyed Girardoni’s piece which incorporates color, light, and sound.


Shadows by Marcos Ramirez Erre
After the gallery, we had a late lunch at IKEA and both ordered a salad, hazelnut chocolate, and swedish meatballs.

I also scored a $5 hamper!


Speaking of art and design, I visited SDSU for Tom Sachs‘ lecture about two weeks ago! Overall, it was a really insightful talk and it was great to know the reasons behind most of his grand projects, especially like that of the “Space Program”. He even wore the Nike Mars Yard shoes he designed!
EdwinHimself put together a post of 5 valuable quotes from that night. Check them out.


Room Portraits

German photographer, Menno Aden, started a unique series called “Room Portraits”. And yes, his series does reflect its title but presents it through a different perspective – a bird’s eye. Attaching a camera on ceilings of a variety of spaces, Aden’s use of “surveillance” abstracts these rooms.

Untitled (Basement Garage III), 2011

Untitled (Classroom)

Untitled (Lounge)

Untitled (Corner Shop II)

Untitled (Shoe Shop)

Untitled (G.S. II)

Untitled (Kitchen I)

Untitled (M.O.)

There are a few things I like about this series. We take a look into someone’s personal space as a two-dimensional plane filled with geometric objects. You are able to point out the shape, size, and structure of the room. I enjoy the exaggerated depth found in rooms with high ceilings as well. Most importantly, you are aware of the type of person’s lifestyle in a different light.

Check out more from his series here.


Last Thursday, my friend and I had the pleasure of catching the premier of Prometheus (for free!). I thought it was a pretty cool movie, but besides Michael Fassbender and Logan Marshall-Green’s acting and handsome faces, I was really into their costumes. Janty Yates was the brilliant designer for this movie.

Logan Marshall-Green’s character, Charlie, wearing a simple gray tee, dark olive pants, a blue hoodie slippers, and a scarf.

Close-up of scarf

Fifield, played by Sean Harris, with botanical-print shirt.

Custom-made sweater with a hood/collar for Milburn, played by Rafe Spall.

Nehru style suit for Charlize Theron, Michael Fassbender, and Guy Pearce.

Michael also wearing flip flops.

Cast members wearing their space suits.

Janty Yates wanted a “sleek and slimline [fit], to avoid the sort of Michelin Man look of the NASA suit.” I personally liked how Elizabeth, played by Nooma Rapace, had a more detailed suit as far as the neon orange piping and a different chest shield. Surprisingly, the helmets are also functional.