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Visual Acoustics (dir. Eric Bricker) is a magnificent documentary about Julius Shulman – the man who pioneered Southern California’s Modernist Architecture with his photographs.

A man of wit and passion for the environment, he worked along side architects such as Frank Gehry (Disney Hall), Albert Frey (Frey House), and Richard Neutra (Kauffman Residence). Most of his photographs were taken in black and white  to emphasize the contrasting geometric patterns found in these modern homes. Some say his photographs, carefully taken with the concept of a “one-point perspective”, make these houses seem even more beautiful than they are in real life; that his prints actually sell these buildings in the market.

One of his famous photographs (seen above in the poster) is of the Stahl House – Case Study House #22 designed by Pierre Koenig in 1960. It sits atop the Hollywood Hills (known to be an unbuildable site) overlooking the city of Los Angeles.

 Shulman at work


den / kitchen
bedroom / pool & deck
(photos by julius shulman)

The Stahl House is a popular set for film and fashion shoots even to this day. It was used in movies such as Galaxy QuestPlaying By Heart, and The Big Lebowski as Jackie Treehorn’s home. It was also featured in the video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas as a safehouse!

If you’re interested in photography and architecture – heck, if you’re interested in art in general – I HIGHLY suggest you watch this documentary. Shulman is now a very big inspiration of mine. Sure he’s worked with big names in the architecture world, but in the end, he’s really an ordinary guy who is very passionate about what he does! And with that, I’m going to make it one of my life goals to visit at least one of the houses he has shot.

Julius and his garden

(click thru photos for source)



Via with Michael Heizer’s Levitated Mass in the background

Chris Burden’s Metropolis II

Bruce Nauman’s For Beginners

Ed Ruscha’s Spam (Of course us Guam girls had to see this!)

Me exploring Jesus Rafael Soto’s Penetrable installation

Very cool packaging!

Overall, Via and I had a very enjoyable time in Los Angles! We met up with old and new friends and ate some delicious food at Huckleberry, Sushi Stop, Sprinkles Ice Cream, Diddy Riese, and Tea Lane. We also had the opportunity to stop by the OHWOW Gallery and view artist Lucien Smith’s “Seven Rain Paintings” exhibit. You can view some photos over here (there’s a photo in which we’re in it, ha!). Though professional skateboarders and the fashionable attended, the atmosphere was very cool and relaxed; people’s appreciation for Lucien’s pieces made it an awesome event.

We would like to thank our friend Lia who was able to tag along and make our trip even more memorable! We would also like to thank our friends Steffi and Tiffi who allowed us to stay at their place during our trip!


At last! The photos are developed from our Los Angeles trip last September. There aren’t that many, but quality over quantity. Personally, I think these pictures turned out great! All were taken using my Lomo Fisheye No. 2.

LACMA LIGHTS: These babies were eye-candy for Jireh and me. Nothing like we’ve ever seen in Guam. Although, we thought they would be a lot taller.

A lovely breakfast at LEMONADE in BEVERLY with “The Chungster”

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Later that day, we drove back to downtown LA to meet up with our friends Jackie and Kiana at the famous Bottega Louie’s for a mid-afternoon snack!

L-R: Pistachio, Classic, Vanilla, Earl Grey, Pumpkin
I’ve tried macaroons back home at a pastries convention and they were made by our friend’s pastry chef father (who is French!) and they were delicious. I was excited to reunite with a few of these colourful gems, and I felt right back in heaven. My personal favourite is Pistachio and Earl Grey comes in second with its pretty golden specks!

Via bought a bigger box to bring home for Kitty!

We also spotted Olivia Lo of Lust for Life!

Olivia, Via’s your number one fan!

After Bottega, we had dinner at Chipotle and all headed to The Grove for some window shopping! Along the way, however, we were stopped by this man who wanted a picture with us….

You’re Welcome, dude! We ended the night by hanging around Jackie’s beautiful apartment in downtown, and then drove back to Westwood to sleep.

It was a great and eventful first full day in LA!


After a hearty brunch at Lemonade, we jetted to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art to visit the Tim Burton Exhibit!

Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to take pictures of the exhibit, but I found some photos on the internet via WeTheUrban.

One of our favourite parts of the exhibit was enclosed in a dark room filled with neon paintings that depict the eerie creatures from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Tim Burton actually built that kinetic sculpture!

The exhibit displayed some short films by Tim, and here’s one of my favourites called “Vincent Price”.

After the exhibit, we browsed the museum grounds and found the Urban Lights!

On Via: Ray Ban eyeglasses, gold Nixon Kensington watch, grey Bar III corset knit tank, Forever 21 plaid shirt, Hollister high-waisted shorts, Deux Lux backpack, Forever 21 glitter socks, Steve Madden cognac oxfords

On Jireh: Zara Organic Striped top, H&M shorts, mint socks from Target, BDG hiker boots, Deux Lux convertible knapsack, Ray-Ban sunglasses

Our wonderful ulzzang of a friend, Hye Chung! Thanks for giving us a place to stay! We miss and love you!


Via and I were finally able to complete our trip up to Los Angeles the second weekend of September! Here is Part 1 of our first full day in the big city.

We had brunch at Lemonade in Beverly.

I (Jireh) ordered the Mac-n-Cheese soup with a Peach Ginger lemonade! Al dente elbow pasta in a very rich and creamy sauce. I’m not a big fan of lemonade in general, but when I read Peach Ginger, I thought it’d be a little less sour but I was a bit disappointed. Overall, I’d say it’s a cute place!

I (Via) got the Chicken Chili soup, and I really liked how it was still full of flavor even if it didn’t contain any beans. I also had the Blueberry Mint lemonade to wash down the chili–a bit too sweet, but very refreshing especially because the heat was intense that day.  When it comes to food, I am easy to please, so I was happy with my brunch altogether.