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against a wall



zara striped tee h&m pants – nike air force 1


According to White

Exactly a week ago, I started the award-winning series Breaking Bad. I don’t know why I didn’t get around to watching it when it first aired, but man, it’s a quality show. One of the main characters is Walter White who is a high school Chemistry teacher fighting lung cancer. And in the duration of his terminating life, he partners up with an old student of his – Jesse Pinkman (played by the great Aaron Paul) – to cook and deal the best meth you will ever taste just to support his family.

Besides talking about the awesomeness that is this show, I’d like to point out Walter White’s choice of shoes – Clark’s very own Wallabee.

I’ve always liked Wallabees but after watching the first episode I think I’ve got the thumbs up from Mr. White. I dug up some images from the web of girls wearing a pair of Wallies!


According to White
They’re so cute!! Hoping to have the Beeswax or maybe BTs or even the Desert Weaver in Black for Christmas!
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school-girl nouveau

school-girl nouveau
My take on the “school-girl” look where function meets fashion. I guess you could say I was inspired by construction workers. There were times when I disliked wearing uniforms (I started since kindergarten), but I’ve been missing it. Beats trying to come up with a cool outfit that hasn’t been repeated for the past three weeks (oops!). I would love to get my hands on all these products. Especially the MUJI Screwdriver set!

BLOG ON THE MAP — The Skartorialist

No one can deny the pleasant mix between skateboarding and style. Sam Ashley, who happens to be one of my favourite photographers, has an eye for this particular blend. A month ago, he created The Skartorialist to document the unique personal styles of skateboarders across Europe. Though only three posts in, one can tell his eagerness of sharing athletes’ take on fabrics, patterns, color coordination, and cuts.

Rory Milanes of Malmo

Vaughan Baker of Dalston

Sylvain Tognelli of Berlin

All images courtesy of The Skartorialist