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For once, after two weeks of summer playing couch potato, I thought it was time to leave my house and take an action-packed trip to San Francisco! While there, I met with two of my good friends from school. Both are SF natives, so for one whoooole Saturday, I trusted them with my life.

We started our day taking the subway, passing through Noe Valley and all the way to Dolores Park. To me, it was like taking the jeepney in the Philippines. Except it was faster and with air-conditioning!


First stop was at the Community Thrift Store on Valencia. From printed sweaters to old records, faux plants to blossoming floral couches, and vintage jewelry to an antique dental chair?! I thought they had a great selection of items.


While walking down Valencia, we discovered Paxton Gate, which is a natural science shop that exhibits a wide range of plants, fossils and lots of creative taxidermy. I pretty much died when I stepped foot in there. They had me at the succulents.


All that walking worked up an appetite, so my friends took me to a Mexican eatery called El Farolito. I had the carne asada super burrito, and that monster kept me full and satisfied for the rest of the day! You definitely can never go wrong with carne asada!


It was a sizzling hot day, and I had no choice but to walk around the city in a sweater and boots, so we decided to freshen up and cool down with some ice cream from Bi-Rite. Feeling bold and adventurous, I went with a scoop of Lavender as well as Salted-Caramel. My sweet-tooth was definitely appeased, and to this day I still wish I had gotten a double scoop instead of a single.


Just one day of gallivanting through the streets of San Francisco with your closest buds is definitely not enough, and surely I will be back again soon, with Jireh this time!

Kudos to my lovely friends for babysitting me that Saturday.